Sarah Korpela

President, Luxury Estate Managers of Aspen

Luxury Estate Managers of Aspen gives clients peace of mind as well as the gift of time. We understand that your property requires the utmost attention to detail. And you deserve pampering and relaxation. Our team possesses the reassuring knowledge, skill, and attention to detail that will help you enjoy everything Aspen. All staff members have undergone extensive background checks, and all have signed non-disclosure agreements. At Luxury Estate Managers of Aspen, confidentiality is guaranteed.

"Property management is about getting the job done, no matter how eccentric, challenging, or impossible the request seems to be,” says Sarah. “If it is legal, we can make it happen, and probably have.” She’s seen a lot in 15 years on the job, but she won’t tell you about any of it. That’s why she’s known for her honestly, loyalty, and discretion.

All Sessions by Sarah Korpela

3:45 PM - 4:45 PM

Estate Management as a Business

For the estate management entrepreneur, there are several alternatives to being an employee. We’ll hear from 4 individuals offering estate management services who will discuss alternative careers in Estate Management.