Robert Hanselman

Founder, Operator, Consultant and Recruiter, The Robert Hanselman Domestic Agency

For well over 25 years, I have been passionate about providing the best service possible in the private service industry. Today, this means making quality matches between candidates and employers to generate a long-term relationship that both desire.

Established in 1997, The Robert Hanselman Domestic Agency has been placing a broad spectrum of positions, including butlers, household managers, estate managers, chefs, couples, nannies and personal assistants. We do other positions as well, including chauffeurs, companions and cooks. Our candidates have gained positions throughout the United States and abroad.

Our process is extremely individualized and the resulting candidate recommendation is based equally on skill and personality. We carefully profile both employee and employer in order to present the most compatible candidates for consideration. Our goal is to make the right placement the first time.

Personally, I believe in working hard and following through on what I say I will do. I believe in giving back to my community. But most of all, I enjoy putting personalities together, making that intuitive match which is the foundation of professional relationships. As one of my candidates wrote in a thank-you letter: “what you did was life-changing. Thank you Robert!”

All Sessions by Robert Hanselman

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

The Hierarchy of Estate Management

The title of "Estate Manager" has become a catch-all for all levels of household management roles. Our panel breaks down the key roles and each role's expectations of skills, education, experience, and compensation. We'll dive into the details that separate each level and help the audience to understand where they fit in.