Peter Colt Van Ryder

Founder & CEO, Estate Management Solutions

Over the past decade, I came to realize that many of my peers struggle with implementing solid and scalable management systems that still consider the personal touch that defines the essence of private service. The solution was simple: Develop courses for Private Service Professionals to empower them with the tools to build their own management systems.

To date, I have taught hundreds of elite private service professionals how to create scalable management systems that are driven by simple, yet highly effective, concepts such as a comprehensive estate manuals.

On the technical side, I was selected by the prestigious Charles MacPherson Academy in Toronto to teach their Housekeeping course as well as traveling China to teach western etiquette, protocol, table settings, and housekeeping.

Today, I am a champion for promoting the science of service along with the art. My heart will always be filled with gratitude in being able to serve people in their most intimate settings while finding ways to refine that service – especially in ways that delight the principals while improving operations.

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1:15 PM - 2:15 PM

Estate Management Education

While the career education of an Estate Manager never stops, many question where it begins. Peter Van Ryder provides a toolkit of skills and qualifications essential to the profession.