Kristin Twiford

Director of Content and Brand, Easemakers and Nines

Kristin Twiford is an award-winning content producer with a passion for telling stories with heart. She is a seasoned writer, video producer, and host, with experience in daily news, education and tech.

As the Director of Content & Brand for Nines and the co-host of the Easemakers Podcast, she works with members of the Easemakers community to tell stories that celebrate, educate and inspire private service professionals.

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5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

The Great Debate : Hybrid Roles

You've seen the ads ... "HOUSEHOLD MANAGER / VALET / PERSONAL ASSISTANT WHO CAN COOK AND HAS EXPERIENCE WITH MACROS" (*this was a part-time job) ... These 'hybrid roles' have become increasingly more prevalent in recent years. Our panel discusses the pros and cons of hybrid roles, which roles can / shouldn't be combined and if the roles are sustainable, among other points.