The Hierarchy of Estate Management

The title of “Estate Manager’ has become a catch-all for all levels of household management roles. Our panel breaks down the key roles of Property Manager, House Manager, Estate Manager and Director of Residences and each role’s expectations of skills, education, experience, and compensation. We’ll dive into the details that separate each level and help the audience to understand where they fit in.

  • David Gonzales, of is an authority on job descriptions and expectations
  • Robert Hanselman, who celebrates 25 years of his domestic placement agency this year, shares his perspective of how these titles relate to real world jobs
  • Gold Porter, from Riveter Consulting, adds her take on what an agency is looking for to fill the roles
  • Kimberly Varney, a celebrity estate management consultant, adds the perspective of the hiring party in the conversation


Robert Hanselman

Founder, Operator, Consultant and Recruiter, The Robert Hanselman Domestic Agency

Kimberly Varney

CEO, Celebrity Estate Managment

Gold Porter

Owner, Riveter Consulting Group

David Gonzalez

Owner, Domestic Placement Network &

  • Time : 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm (UTC+0)

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