Jennifer Vaughan

Estate Staffing Director, Domestic | Match and Private Chef | Match

With 15+ years of experience in private service, Jenni brings a professional and personal lens to Domestic | Match and PCM. She understands the nuances of working in private homes, the importance of building strong connections with candidates and clients, and helping both find long-term, successful matches.

After graduating from college with a Bachelor of Arts in English, Jenni began her career in private service in Dallas, Texas, in 2003, working as a Nanny and Family Assistant. She helped raise the children for four years, coached their team sports, and assisted the family with numerous events and private parties. She quickly became an extension of their family. Jenni then moved to Hawaii to pursue a Master’s in Secondary Education, strengthening her understanding of working with children and young adults. She worked as a Nanny and Family Assistant for two years in Hawaii until she graduated with her Master’s Degree in Education and became a middle school teacher at a local Hawaii private school.

In 2012, Jenni moved to Washington, DC, for a stellar opportunity to work as a Nanny for a prominent family. However, after one short year, she moved into a leadership role as a House Manager and Family Assistant, where she remained for nine years. Jenni served as a right hand to this family, traveled domestically with them, orchestrated events and parties from top to bottom, and helped hire many great staff members to bring on board for the family domestically and internationally. She truly enjoys connecting with people from all backgrounds, and this passion led her to begin a career in recruiting.

As our Estate Staffing Director, Jenni leads the communications for our team and ensures the smooth daily operations of Domestic | Match and PCM. She also specializes in placing Private Chefs, Household and Estate Managers, and Personal Assistants. She enjoys working closely with clients and candidates to help them find a successful match!

All Sessions by Jennifer Vaughan

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

The Great Debate : Hybrid Roles

You've seen the ads ... "HOUSEHOLD MANAGER / VALET / PERSONAL ASSISTANT WHO CAN COOK AND HAS EXPERIENCE WITH MACROS" (*this was a part-time job) ... These 'hybrid roles' have become increasingly more prevalent in recent years. Our panel discusses the pros and cons of hybrid roles, which roles can / shouldn't be combined and if the roles are sustainable, among other points.