Clara Molina

Private Estate / House Manager

Since I was a child, I had a knack for problem solving, art, history, and architecture.
With time, I discover that assisting others was my life's calling.

After getting an opportunity as an exchange student, I made the move from Mexico to Nashville, TN where I began assisting high-profile private households in 1997. Some of these wonderful families took me on international trips where I was able to enjoy my passion for traveling.

I thrive on assisting with the management of private households from flower arrangements, special events, pet care, or coordinating the next family vacation while they enjoy their quality time.

I'm bilingual, Spanish being my first language and English my second.

I've had the opportunity to visit Paris, France, Oslo, Norway, Florence, Rome, and other parts of Italy, Barcelona, Malaga, Valencia, Cordoba, Spain, Morocco, & Tokyo, Japan.

I have now an American passport and am ready to assist my new principal.

All Sessions by Clara Molina

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

The Great Debate : Hybrid Roles

You've seen the ads ... "HOUSEHOLD MANAGER / VALET / PERSONAL ASSISTANT WHO CAN COOK AND HAS EXPERIENCE WITH MACROS" (*this was a part-time job) ... These 'hybrid roles' have become increasingly more prevalent in recent years. Our panel discusses the pros and cons of hybrid roles, which roles can / shouldn't be combined and if the roles are sustainable, among other points.