Tackle your household operations in 3 sessions

Ready to turn chaos into calm? Enrollment is now open for our new workshop:

Modern Household Management: How to Streamline Operations for Homes and Estates

In this hands-on course taught by expert estate manager Shelby Boudreau, you’ll get a basic understanding of a modern approach to household management, then start putting these ideas into practice right away. 

And in 3 sessions, you’ll walk away feeling ready to take on the operations of any home, prepared for the year ahead, and confident in your ability to manage a growing estate.

Enroll today to get access to the recordings.

How it works

Enroll now to access 3 two-hour sessions, and feel better prepared to manage household operations.

Where: Wherever you want to be! This course is virtual.

When: Whenever you want to take it! This course is on demand.

Admission: Course admission is $350, which includes:

    –  3 two-hour recordings with instructional sessions

    –  Guided homework 

    –  Several templates for easier household operations

    –  Certificate of completion 

    –  Access to exclusive Easemakers channel for course registrants (you need to have some professional household management responsibilities to join Easemakers)

Bonus: Anyone who completes the course and subscribes to Nines household management software will receive an additional month free. 

What you’ll learn

Enroll today to walk away with strategies and tools to help you manage the operations of any home, as well as a solid foundation of checklists and plans for the year ahead. We’ll show you how to: 

    –  Create a property overview 

    –  Designate responsibilities 

    –  Lay out a calendar of predictable tasks and projects 

    –  Improve communications with staff and vendors 

    –  Implement checklists and planners

    –  Start building out an operational household manual 

    –  … and more! 

Whether you want to learn something new or get practical tips to make your life easier every day, we’ve got you covered. 

Session 1: People & Properties

We’ll start at the very beginning, helping you collect the information you need to manage your property, understanding who’s responsible for what, and identifying tasks that are within your control — so you can be ready for anything.

Session 2: Time & Tasks

Next, we’ll give you tips and tools for managing your time and keeping everyone in your household (residents, staff and vendors) on the same page. You’ll organize tasks into four core categories, so you can anticipate as much as possible and minimize surprises.

Session 3: Control & Consistency

Finally, we’ll make sure you’re ready to put what you’ve learned and planned into practice. You’ll leave with tips for working with your team, verifying and tracking progress, and reporting on what you’ve accomplished, so you can start to create consistency year after year.


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