Nines is the easiest way to manage your properties and everything that comes with them.

Discerning families and family offices use Nines as a centralized household manual and operating system to simplify managing properties, assets, vendors, staff, projects, and more. Plus, we offer in-house estate management support, workshops and consulting. All so you can live with ease.

What does your home mean to you? A haven for your family, a place to entertain, an escape? No matter your answer, we want to help you find more time for just that.

You didn’t buy your dream house to worry about maintenance and housekeeping

If you’ve found yourself losing your weekends or vacation home trips to unexpected housework, digging through endless text threads with a contractor, or dreading the thought of organizing your maintenance tasks in a spreadsheet, you’ve come to the right place.

Our household management app is the easiest way to manage your properties and assets, keep track of vendors and tasks, and access the lists and documents that elevate your household.

As a member of Nines, you can anticipate what’s coming and focus on what matters. We help you create a household manual that keeps your home running smoothly. And whenever you have a question, an experienced estate manager is just a call away.

Simple household management

Whether you’re managing it all on your own or collaborating with staff and vendors, our household manual app helps you keep everyone on the same page, get ahead of challenges, and bring a sense of calm to your home.

Tailored support

Our platform is designed specifically for households, so it’s easy to get set up and keep things running smoothly using reminders, notifications, and automations — but any time you have a question, you can call your dedicated estate management expert for backup.

Secure flexibility

You need to share checklists, documents, photos and more — but you don’t want that information going unprotected on a staff or vendor’s phone. Nines is built with security first, so you can collaborate on all the moving pieces without losing control.


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