Nines is modernizing the private service industry and empowering households with dedicated support and first-of-its-kind technology, so principals and the private service professionals who support them can live with ease. 

Principals, estate managers, and household staff all share one simple goal: to create an environment where everyone can live with ease. 

But many households lack the support and technology they need to run smoothly. Nines is built specifically for your household, so you can stop wasting time with endless text threads and too many spreadsheets. Whether you need to set daily checklists for your housekeeper or log interactions with vendors, Nines handles the details, so you can focus on what’s important. 

Plus, our expert support team and Easemakers community for private service professionals help you learn from people who’ve been in your shoes, and give you backup to turn to when you need help with household challenges. 

Our co-founders bring together complementing experience from inside and outside the private service industry. As one of the most sought-after private fitness trainers in the world, Mohamed Elzomor has worked with hundreds of ultra-high net-worth clients and the private service professionals who keep their lives running. Jacco de Bruijn is a management consultant turned tech startup entrepreneur, with a passion for helping niche industries fix processes that are broken. Together, they inform our unique perspective on household management technology.  

The team at Nines strikes the right balance between technology expertise and estate management experience. Their diverse backgrounds in tech startups, Fortune 500 companies, and private service roles help us build modern tools to solve age-old household management challenges. Our investors and engineers founded and built, which had a successful multi-billion dollar exit to Walmart. Meanwhile, our industry partners like Marta Perrone give us insider access to tried and true systems, allowing us to build on what works and bring best practices to a broader range of households.


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