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6 – month access to a self-managed course study

This course provides necessary training for a career in household management including hiring and on-boarding, staff management, event planning, property and household maintenance, vendor management and household security and safety. This course is ideal for all professionals in the private service industry seeking to enhance their household managerial skills.

Training Topics:
-Household Manager Skills & Experience
-Hiring & On-boarding Staff
-Legal Compliance, Payroll & other HR Responsibilities
-Staff Management Skills
-Housekeeping Maintenance
-Event Planning
-Property Maintenance
-Home Systems & Appliances
-Vendor Management
-Household Security & Family Privacy

You will also have access to many helpful forms and other organizational tools that will save you time and help you succeed in your household manager role.

All Students who sign up will receive two – 1 hour calls with Marta Perrone to discuss your goals, and any questions you may have about the course material.

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Access Length: 180 days
Price: $799.00 USD



Personalized manuals creating the standards and guidelines to run any Estate efficiently.

Creating Staff & Household Management Standards
Clear job descriptions for each staff member
Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annual Operations
Cleaning Procedures
How to Clean from Top to Bottom
Product Use
Personalized Selection of Proper Cleaning
Inventory Lists
Household Supplies, Sundry Items, China, Silver and Crystal
Nanny Guidelines
Personalized Manual for Childcare
Home Systems Operational Manual
System and Appliance Inventory and Operations


We also offer a variety of services for all your estate needs.

Housekeeping Maintenance Manuals

Personalized manuals that help run your estate efficiently. Cleaning procedures, schedules, protocol, standards, best cleaning products and more.

Home System Manuals

Create a home systems operational manual to help organize and effectively run your estate. A/V operations, appliance inventory, budgets, vendor directories, maintenance logs and more.

Staff Training

Improve your staff’s skills and help them learn every aspect of what it takes to clean, organize, and use the necessary products to properly maintain an estate.


Complete detailed organization of everything from drawers, cabinets, and closets to laundry rooms, kitchens, garages and the home office. Assistance with purging and relocation of items no longer needed.

Employee Handbooks

Instruct employees on general policies and procedures in the home and the expected standards of their behavior while they are employed there.



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