Laurian equity residence club

Pursue your passions while you build your portfolio.  Laurian Club offers a unique opportunity to co-own a portfolio of high-value, revenue-generating luxury homes in top-tier cities and resort destinations with none of the work, at a fraction of the cost.


Co-own a portfolio of high-value, revenue-generating luxury homes and have guest access to an additional 10,000+ Partner properties and yachts for less than the downpayment on a single comparable property.


The Laurian Team has developed an income-producing property mix that accommodates business travel, vacation getaways, and member clubs. Our collection delivers what’s most important to our investors

Laurian properties are ideally located for personal vacation properties, maintaining a business presence, or working remotely.

A Laurian investment offers more than just financial rewards; there’s a social return as well. Investors become Members of our private destination club.

The Laurian Company is a boutique real estate development company focusing its efforts on luxury residential real estate syndication and co-ownership.



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