Interchange Role’s; “That’s a yes for me”

If I told you I had a great experience, would you be interested?

If I told you, it’s not only possible, but manageable, would you keep reading?

If I told you, with ease and grace, Interchangeable, NOT hybrid roles serve at the highest level, and the higher good of all, would you believe me? Keep reading.

To be fair, I am not a disruptor. I am however mesmerized by the transformation and change in The Private Service Industry’s job market today, the current paradigm of recruitment and its methods of application and delivery to job seekers.

“The Hybrid Role” ;What keeps me up at night. How I can use my voice to help you leverage your career history and superpowers in a way that separates you from being servile to serving at your highest levels. Know your value. You are your credentials. Use them wisely. Be ever discerning. Pay attention to the details. And know, “There’s an even better, Interchangeable Role out there for you.”

Perhaps I can shed a higher light and some confidence in those who are about to enter or make a transition in their current private service role where there is a need for far greater service. With the idea that some roles are interchangeable and have quite the same functions. They may look like a hybrid role. They are not. Without the negative attachment to the idea that some think this can’t always be done. That you absolutely must choose a single, specific role, or your doomed to be overworked, burned out and under-compensated. That you are not clear on what you want and or cannot achieve successfully. “I do not believe that in its entirety.” In fact, I think a lot of PSP’s would be hindering movement towards success while standing in the unemployment line if they too thought so. Here are examples of a few dual roles and potential for success you might consider: or not.

Interchangeable Roles that I support: House Manager-Butler, Butler-House Manager, House Manager-Cook-Petcare, Household Assistant-Petcare, Executive Housekeeper-Cook, Nanny-Cook. EA-PA.

Hybrid Roles I do NOT support: House Manager-Nanny-Cook, Nanny-Housekeeper-Family Assistant-Cook, Unicorn, Hybrid Mary Poppins, Wizard, Magician.

Top Talent and Superpowers: Moving forward, I would like to use the Interchangeable role of a House Manager-Butler as an example. Where I believe Top Talent can use their Superpowers considering clarity, the environment, target principals, the job description and supportive assistance. Perhaps a secret to success in your next job search with longevity.

Who are you? What are you seeking? Is it seeking you? Can you do the job long-term? Are you in alignment with the geography.

Environment: / Culture of Residence, Staff: Semi-formal/Casual. Single residential home at 8,000 square feet. 2 dogs. 2 house keepers. Executive Family Assistant.

Target Principal: and Job Description Retired, busy couple who lives an active healthy lifestyle. Loves travel and entertaining. Their pets are family. Of significant importance is to maintain a safe, stress-free, peaceful home and environment. Seeking a candidate in a more hands on role, with a high degree of knowledge and experience in personal care, concierge services and healthy cooking skills in a wide variety of culture. Assist with family pets (2 dogs). Manage domestic staff of 2 house keepers. Great communication skills, highly organized, tech savvy. Get along with and collaborate with other household staff. Ability to manage vendors and time appropriately. Have strong professional boundaries with a long-term commitment. Vehicle provided for work related use. Some travel. Live-on. Salary DOE with healthcare and discretionary bonuses.

Supportive Assistance IT-AV, Security, Accountant, Family Office

About the Job Description of a House Manager-Butler While I would love nothing more than to share with you my lengthily job description, we know I cannot do that due to confidentiality reasons. However, I can guide you to the “Most Trusted Name in Private Service”, Mr. David Gonzalez at Domestic Planet Network. Attached will be direct links to:

The Job Description and Functions of a Butler-House Manager:

Becoming A Better Domestic Employment Candidate:

The Book: The Insider’s Guide to Household Staffing


My Take on A Day in the life of A House Manager-Butler “no two days are alike”

  • Prior to arrival: Meditate. Coffee. Check calendar for appointments and tasks. Scan e-mails and respond with anything that has an extreme sense of urgency.
  • Arrival: Politely greet the family and pets (know when to be invisible or available).
  • Administrative: Re-check email, scan calendar for alerts, tasks, and amazon orders. Alert in-home staff of vendors and today’s tasks. Alert principals of incoming vendors and incoming guests time of arrival, etc.
  • Housekeeping and Laundry Care: Appoint daily tasks to housekeeping/laundress, with guest ready accommodations. Stock PPE and beverage coolers. All laundry and ironing to be complete. Cut Fresh Flowers and put in ice bath. Tidy up rear patio and pool area. Stock all fireplaces and pits. Take out trash and recycling before leaving.
  • Security, Gate Check, Wildlife Pest Control: Check security cameras and chimes. Look for anything suspicious, and or the presence of previous wildlife: depending on location: (bats, raccoon, bobcats, coyote, wolf, black bear, moose, alligators, and snakes).
  • My Daily Graces: Clear breakfast, tidy up the kitchen, nook, mud, and great room. Empty dishwasher. Tidy up fridge and freezer. Pantry and larders.
  • Exterior Gate Check, Property and Grounds: With your principal’s dogs, take a daily stroll along the perimeter of the property checking all gates are secure. Intermingling within the landscape, observing the health of the lawn, trees, shrubs, flowers, landscape lighting fixtures, irrigation, pool, furniture, pet areas, and presence of wildlife.
  • Lady of The House and I have our daily talk: Review/Journal and Alert upon calendar of events for the day and near future. Today’s Incoming vendors, family, and guests. Desired personal care and concierge services, floral arrangements for home and guests. Note (to schedule) future activities (cruise, concert, gala). Collaborate on menu for this evening’s alfresco dinner (grazing board) under the stars, by a fire pit, with a symphony of joy and laughter. Butler wardrobe.
  • Lunch: Remind everyone to eat. There are leftovers in the fridge from last night’s event. Prepare a nice plate for the Mr. Lady of the house will dine out for Lunch today.
  • Interior Walk Through: Explore properties interior. Today, paying closer attention to the home’s ambience and elevated security, indoor water features, plants, and trees. Art, lighting and fixtures, batteries and remotes, iPad’s, thermostats, guest ready accommodations, powder rooms, beverage coolers and bar, patio’s, firepits, pest control. Fleet. Poop.
  • Vendor’s: Greet and direct auto detailer to detail and refuel two (2) vehicles, check oil, fluids, and air. Restock PPE. Thank Poop Scooper. Review upon exit.
  • Pet Care: walk the pups (45 minutes round trip)
  • Meal Prep: Build grazing boards for dinner, reserve in refer.
  • Concierge Services: Housekeeping review (all is perfecto). Make and display floral arrangements: Light Fireplaces and pits. Greet incoming family and guests. Lady of the house proceeds with the welcoming. The Mr. engages in the ambience while I exit briefly.
  • Butler Master Suites Wardrobe: Take a break, pull principals clothing and outdoor wear for the next few days. Easy-Peasy.
  • Dinner is Served: Return to the heart of the home. Greet guests. Make cocktails. Exhibit and display the evening meal and grazing boards. Let the guests dive in as desired. Be available, but non-obtrusive.
  • Exit Plan: Clear as much as possible. Know the family, extended family and guests will be enjoying this evening for many hours. This is a semi-formal/casual home, and they want their privacy and discernment. They want me to leave with grace.
  • Petcare: Take the pups for a stroll along the property. Kiss them goodnight and tell them you LOVE them and will see them in the morning.
  • Security: Check cameras. Lockdown part of the property (even when principals and guests are present). Say good night to Lady of The House. GO HOME.

Attributes: Represent the family in a professional, discreet manner always.


Respectfully Yours.

Joanie Veage

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