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Luxury Lifestyle & Home Management Systems

Online Systems, Customization, and House Manual Templates for Estate Managers to provide world-class service

Estate Management Systems is committed to the principles of bespoke organization, so we’ve created four customizable options that allow you to efficiently track projects, capture principal requests, communicate with staff, and even work remotely without losing pace with all that’s on your plate.

Step into the modern way of efficiently managing, collaborating, and thriving in a high-demand environment with the ability to completely customize your systems from the palm of your hand.

With Estate Management Systems, you’ll feel confident knowing that you have an organized, secure, and easy-to-use system to manage luxury lifestyles and properties.

Generate a custom experience

  • Personalize each luxury lifestyle and estate management system easily with our on-site or virtual system customization.
  • Not looking for an online system? Access our templates to look professional and organized while saving you time and energy.


Own the system and communication

  • Share tasks and information effortlessly with property owners and personnel. Track progress and communication without losing sight of what needs to be done next.


Foster trust with the principal and staff

  • Be proactive and confident in taking on tasks, delegating, and managing. Easily share checklists and important ASAP requests, and build a collaborative environment that is executed seamlessly.


One system for all that you manage

  • Store everything you do into customized Trello boards. Once customized, you can securely access what you need, when you need it, from anywhere.


Access from your computer or mobile device

  • Manage the team’s communication, assets, inventories, travel plans, events, mechanical maintenance, personal information, checklists, and so much more.


Multiple layers of privacy and security

  • Secure systems and personal information with the ability to control access and enable two-step login verification.


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