Enjoy the replays from our 2nd annual Estate Management Conference. 

Replays will be available through February 22 at this site and at the Estate Management Network site for Pro Members to watch at any time.

*Please note, 2 of our videos were caught in an 'optimization' loop at Vimeo and were not recoverable. We will re-record these talks and share when they are available.

The Hierarchy of Estate Management Roles

Gold Porter, David Gonzales, Robert Hanselman
Hosted by Kimberly Varney

Emergency Preparation Planing

Christopher Milu

*Please note, there were audio issues with the beginning of this recording. Chris has agreed to make another recording soon. We'll email ticket holders when it is available.

Estate Manuals

Marta Perrone

Your First 90 Days

Charles MacPherson

Estate Management as a Business

Sarah Korpela, Jonathan Fishbeck, Andrew Lowrey
Hosted by Kimberly Varney

The Great Debate: Hybrid Roles

Clara Molina, Gregory Taylor, Jenni Vaughan, Joan Veage
Hosted by Kristin Twiford